Project Description
A general purpose Memcached client for the .NET platform developed for framework version 4.0

About NMemcached.Client

NMemcached.Client is a general purpose client assembly for memcached. It was written when the company I was working for was evaluating cache systems. I got the list of possibilities and found that memcached was the one I favored the most. This client started out as a learning excersize and turned into a pet project.

Not all of the memcached features are supported by the default protocol implementations. The "quiet" commands were not included and all monitoring commands aside from the general stats commands were left out. These excluded commands can be implemented by inherited classes through the fexible API provided.

Client Communication Features

  • TCP and UDP socket connections (UDP is supported only for binary protocol connections)
  • Text and binary Memcached protocol support
  • Dead server detection
  • Asynchronous command support
  • Data compression
  • Automatic object serialization

 Additional Features

  • Strong named for GAC usage
  • WF 4 activities included in the NMemcached.Client.Activities namespace
  • Application/web configuration file support with configuration XSD
  • Full Common.Logging source embedded
  • Managed FNV hash algorithm implementation that supports the FNV1 and FNV1a algorithms for both 32 and 64 bit hashing
  • A System.Runtime.Caching.ObjectCache implementation that supports the System.Runtime.Caching namespace
  • Flexible API for creating specialized connection providers, object serializers, and data compression algorithms.


.NET Framework 4.0

Visual Studio 2010 is required to open the solution and/or project files.

Previous Version

Version 1.0 of the client is still being hosted at GitHub. I decided that the client would be a better fit for CodePlex being that it’s a .NET component (not to mention I really don’t like the Git client).

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