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Using this in classic ASP

first post: t_afandi wrote: Hi, I'm just wondering if I can use the DLL in classic ASP? I'm ...


first post: jucas1987 wrote: Hi. i wanna knowing if the client will implement the support ...

NMemcached.Client 1.2 Release

first post: JSanford42 wrote: Version 1.2 of NMemcached.Client has been released. A few new featu...

NMemcached.Client 1.2 Release Candidate

first post: JSanford42 wrote: A version 1.2 RC branch has been created in source control:New Feat...


first post: RobIII wrote: I have looked everywhere but am unable to find any documentation on...

latest post: RobIII wrote: You're my hero! Works like a charm (altough I seem to run into a pr...

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